• 2023, Happy new year!
    Post time: 12-31-2022

    Dear Friends! Much joy to you in the up coming year. May the warmest wishes, happy thoughts and friendly greetings come at New Year and stay with you all the year through! Read more »

  • Welding principle of Shielded Metal Arc Welding (SMAW)
    Post time: 12-30-2022

    SMAW, also be well known as electrode arc welding, is a fusion welding method in which the arc is induced by the electrode and the welding parts are melted by the arc heat. It is the most widely used and common welding method at present. Arc is an air conduction phenomenon. The welding arc is a ...Read more »

  • Basic principles for the selection of welding consumables
    Post time: 12-21-2022

    Consider the physical properties, mechanical properties and chemical composition of the weld material  1.  Structural steel welding, generally consider the principle of equal strength, choose to meet the requirements of the mechanical properties of the joint welding material.  2.  For low carbon ...Read more »

  • An article lets you know about Tungsten argon arc welding (GTAW or TIG)
    Post time: 04-08-2022

    Tungsten argon arc welding is a kind of arc welding method using argon or argon rich gas as protection and tungsten electrode as electrode, which is referred to as GTAW(Gas Tungsten Arc Weld) or TIG(Tungsten Inert Gas Welding) for short. During welding, the shielding gas is continuously sprayed...Read more »

  • Preparation before welding
    Post time: 02-25-2022

    The preparation work before welding is as important as the welding process, which is directly related to the welding quality and effect of the finished product. 1. Electrode drying The purpose of drying the electrode before welding is to remove the moisture in the wet electrode and reduce the hy...Read more »

  • Do you know the welding rod drying precautions?
    Post time: 02-24-2022

    The welding electrodes that leave the factory have been dried at high temperature and packaged with moisture-proof material, which usually prevents the coating from absorbing moisture. However, during the long-term storage of the electrode, the moisture absorption of the electrode coating is inev...Read more »

  • 2022, New year greeting~!
    Post time: 12-31-2021

    Tianqiao welding materials company is an enterprise that produces welding materials. The development and growth of our company are inseparable from the great assistance of our customers and friends. As this new year is approaching, all employees of tianqiao welding company: We wish you all good c...Read more »

  • What are the main factors affecting the welding effect of electrode?
    Post time: 09-30-2021

    The welding parameters of electrode arc welding mainly include electrode diameter, welding current, arc voltage, number of welding layers, power source type and polarity, etc. 1. Selection of electrode diameter The choice of electrode diameter mainly depends on factors such as the thickness of th...Read more »

  • How is the welding electrode made?
    Post time: 09-03-2021

    The demand for steel in modern society is constantly increasing. In daily life, many things are made of metal, and many metals cannot be cast at the same time. Therefore, it is necessary to use electric welding for welding. The role of the electrode in the electric welding process is very importa...Read more »

  • What is arc welding?
    Post time: 08-17-2021

    Electrode arc welding is the most widely used welding method in industrial production. The metal to be welded is one pole, and the electrode is the other pole. When the two poles are close to each other, an arc is generated. The heat generated by arc discharge (commonly known as arc combustion) i...Read more »

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